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Since 1939

Perfection Chocolates has been creating exceptional gourmet chocolate since 1939 and pushes forward with the Kapos mission of letting not just Australia, but the world, taste the luxury of our handcrafted treats, at an affordable price. As a result, we offer wholesale and white label solutions.

Sweet Expansion

Perfection Chocolates caters not just our local community and its customers since 1939, but we also have operations in place to ensure a wider audience has the opportunity to experience our premium product. Our flavours and traditions are in place, boasting an indulgent collection of world class chocolates and confectionaries, alongside our state of the art machinery and dedicated employees.

Committed to Quality

The dual heritage chocolate-maker Perfection Chocolates guarantees you the most refined chocolates from the most respected ingredients. Our recipes, developed and tested by the Kapos family since 1939, have won many prestigious confectioner’s honour’s and awards.

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All wholesale and white label orders can be customised according to the price, packaging and product you are after.

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